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Our Department

Department of Pharmacognosy

Welcome To Our Department

The Dean’s Welcome Address

Good day and Welcome to the Department of Pharmacognosy!

The Department of Pharmacognosy is concerned with the study of plants or other natural sources as a possible source of drugs. This includes the description, identification (both in the whole and powdered states), collection, preparation, storage, quality control, chemistry and pharmacological uses of medicinal plants. It also involves separation of plant constituents by the use of various chromatographic procedures leading to the isolation of pure bioactive compounds. In addition, we expose students to the principles and practices of traditional medicine including herbal medicine which encompasses the use of plants and plant products.

The Department has expertise in areas such as Chemistry of Natural Products, Herb-Drug interaction studies, Standardization/Quality Control, Larvicidal, Antidiabetic and Antimalarial Assays. Our Under-graduate programme contributes effectively to the training of Pharmacy students of the Obafemi Awolowo University. We also train students in post-graduate programmes up to PhD level.

The Department has one Professor, three Senior Lecturers, one Lecturer I, one Lecturer II and one Junior Trainee Fellow. Our non-teaching staff include a Senior Technologist, Higher Technical Officer who is in charge of the Herbarium and the medicinal gardens.

Our Herbarium is registered on the Index Herbariorum and our medicinal gardens cover a span of land about 10 hectares (150 plots).

We value the interaction with students and make sure that we shall give answers to the queries you may have.

Our Lecturers

Mr. I.I. Ogunlowo

Senior Technical Officer (in charge of Herbarium and Medicinal Gardens)

Mr. MO Oluwaniyi

Senior Technologist (in charge of Laboratories)

Mr AO Adegeye

Junior Trainee Fellow

Mrs U. I Olayemi

Lecturer II